Inspiration & dedication:
If I should write the 67 most important names to me, here they are.

The Blues is a Feeling
The Blues in School - Name Lessons
Written and compiled by Dan Klarskov.

1. Delta Blues.
Charlie “Charley” Patton (1891-1934) Eddie James “Son” House (1902-1988) Robert Leroy Johnson (1911-1938)

2. Chicago/ Big City Blues.

Early Big City Blues:

Alfonzo "Lonnie" Johnson (1894-1970) Leroy Carr (1905-1935) “Memphis Minnie” McCoy (1897-1973) John Lee Curtis Sonny Boy Williamson I. (1914-1948)

Big City Blues:
Mathis James "Jimmy" Reed (1925-1976) McKinley Morganfield “Muddy Waters” (1913-1983) Elmore James (1918-1963) Chester Arthur Burnett “Howlin` Wolf” (1910-1976) John Lee Hooker (1917-2001) Aleck "Rice" Miller “Sonny Boy Williamson” II. (1899-1965) Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins (1912-1982) Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (1926-1984) Marion “Little” Walter Jacobs (1930-1968)

The "New" generation of Big City Blues:
Otis Rush (1934) George "Buddy" Guy (1936) Amos Blakemore ”Junior Wells” (1934-1998) Otis Spann (1930-1970) Sam "Magic Sam" Maghett (1937-1969) Albert Collins (1932-1993) Cora “KoKo Taylor” Walton (1935)

3. West coast/ Swing og Jump Blues.
James Andrew “Jimmy” Rushing (1901-1972) Joseph Vernon “Big Joe” Turner (1911-1985) Louis Jordan (1908-1975) Aaron Thibeaux “T-Bone” Walker (1910-1975) Ruth Lee “Dinah Washington“ Jones (1924-1963) James “Jimmy” Witherspoon (1920-1997) Roy Brown (1925-1981) Charles Brown (1920-1999)

4. Trad. Jazz og Blues/ New Orleans.
Joe "King" Oliver (1885-1938) Gertrude Malissa Nix Pridgett ”Ma” Rainey (1882-1939)
Bessie Smith (1892-1937) Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong (1901-1971) Edward "Kid" Ory (1886-1973) Sidney Bechet (1897-1959) William Thomas “Champion Jack” Dupree (1908-1992)

5. Funky Blues/ Second Line Beat. New Orleans.
Henry Roeland Byrd “Professor Longhair” (1918-1980) The Fynky Meters (Neville Brothers) Ellias McDaniel “Bo Diddley” (1928-2008) James Joseph Brown (1933-2006)

6. New York Groove Blues.
Guitar: Kenneth Earl “Kenny” Burrell (1931) Grant Green (1935-1979)
Organ: James Oscar “Jimmy” Smith (1925-2005) James Harrell ”Jimmy” McGriff (1936)

7. Soul Blues. Memphis.
Riley "Beale Street Blues Boy" “B.B.” King (1925) Robert Calvin “Bobby Blue" Bland (1930) "Little” Milton Campbell (1934-2005) Aretha Louise Franklin (1942) Arziel “Z.Z.” Hill (1935-1984) Robert Cray (1953)

8. Blues Rock.
John Murray Mayall (1933) James Marshall “Jimmy” Hendrix (1942-1970) Eric Patrick Clapton (1945) Peter Allen Greenbaum “Green” (1946) John Dawson “Johnny” Winter (1944) Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (1954-1990) Robert William Gary Moore (1952)

9. Country og Folk Blues.
Huddie William "Lead Belly" Ledbetter (1888-1949) "Blind" Lemon Jefferson (1897-1929) William Lee Conley "Big Bill" Broonzy (1893-1958) Fulton Allen “Blind Boy Fuller” (1907-1941) Saunders Terrell “Sonny Terry” (1911-1986) og Walter "Brownie" McGhee (1915-1996) Woodrow Wilson ”Woody” Guthrie (1912-1967) Hiram "Hank" King Williams (1923-1953)

Of course there is many more classic blues innovators,
but here is the 67 most important artist`s to me.

Blues Educators
The Blues foundation

Blues in the Schools
By Children
in USA.

Blues in School
Pacific Northwest, USA.

Here's what a psychotherapist has to say about BITS (Blues in the schools)

"Yes, children got the blues. I remember when I was a kid.
Mom and Dad had a great big fight, and sometime I spend a lot of time on my own,
yes I had the blues when I was a kid"

Dan Klarskov

Slide show "written" and compiled by Dan Klarskov.
(Of course, there is many more classic blues innovators, but here is the 67 most important artist`s to me)

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