Live Video

Live at Langelandsfestival
(The Blues at Dexter Video)
- Wee Wee Baby
- All Over Again
(Walk through the Crowd)

TV2: På vej til Himalayan Bluesfestival
(Danish TV station)
Odense Fyldt med Blues
(Danish TV station)
DR: TV Avisen. Søndagsmagasinet (Danish TV station)

Blues at Dexter
(The live DVD Session)

- Whoo Wee

Inspiration & dedication:
Aaron Thibaux "T-Bone" Walker
Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong, 1962.
Alonzo "Lonnie" Johnson
Another Night to Cry, 1963.

James Andrew "Jimmy" Rushing
I Left my Baby, 1957.



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