Legendary Danish player Kenn Lending with Dan Klarskov
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Photo by Emil Andresen.

Picture from Blues jam hosted by Kenn Lending.
Oktober 2006,
at Jazzhus Dexter, Odense.

"Dan Klarskov whose flirtation with the blues grew into a burning love when he heard Kenn Lending play at a festival in Fælledparken, Copenhagen, in the middle of the 1980’s."...
"His music touched me deeply, and I quickly started frequenting the blues venue rådhuskroen (which is now Mojo, ed.). I got to know Kenn Lending. He tutored me, and one night during a jam session when he was playing amid the audience, he suddenly gave me his guitar. I played like a madman, and afterwards Kenn Lending told me: ‘you can play whatever you want, but don’t forget to play a little blues. It’s in your blood.’ I took that piece of advice, and I have played nothing but the blues ever since."

From inteview by Uffe Christensen, Jyllands Posten.

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