Debut CD recorded April 22 & 23, 1998

Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records)
Nov. 8, 1998

Dear Dan, 

Thanks for your very enjoyable CD that just came
to the top of the bin. This was a nice surprise;
it was performed with very good taste and real reverence
for the original songs, but without slavish imitation.
The recording quality was very warm and ambient,
and the playing had a strong ensemble feel and a lot of love.

You play with real attention to tone, and you play just enough,
not too much. That`s true for the other musicians as well.
Your vocals are a bit spotty; I can hear your accent
from time to time, but you sing the meaning of the words
in a very unaffected and warm style.

I particularly liked Wee Wee Baby, My Baby`s Comin`Back
and Jealous Woman, but the whole album is something
you should be very proud of.

Thanks for sharing the good music with me.


Bruce Iglauer  

Alligator Records on web

Live video
recorded June 27.2000
at Langelandsfestival, DK

Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records)
January 1, 2001

Dear Dan,

Thanks for the video tape and floppy disc, as well
as the copy of the interview (with nice words about me!).

It was fun to be able to see you play live.
You play with very good taste, lots of confidence,
and very good attention to tone and dynamics.
"Tombstone Blues" is very well done.

The swing number showed your T-Bone roots
and the band and you played it very well.

You`re certainly as good as many of the U.S. blues guitarists,
and you play with a lot of restraint and melody.
That doesn`t mean there`s a career here for you,
but it does mean you can hold your head up as a player.

Again, thanks for the good music.


Bruce Iglauer 

Alligator Records on web


Craig Klain (N.O. Musician)

Dear Dan,

I received your CD and thank you very much.
It really sounded good and was well produced.
This was evident throughout the whole CD.
I think the music was very true to the blues.
You have a good voice for this.
I would like to hear some original tunes from you on your next CD!

The package looks like you really took your time and did
a very fine job in the total production of this CD.
It is not an easy task i know this because I just produced a CD
for this brass band I play in, The Storyville Stompers,
and it isn`t easy. It is very time consuming,
but when they come like yours did it is well worth it.

I was glad to see Fessor and Hans on the CD.
Of course I am going to say the horns sound good
and really add to the sound.
I like Fessors thing on `My Baby`s Comin`Back.`
Trombone solos are always good though I am a little biased
toward the trombone.

Congratulations on such a fine CD
and I wish you all kinds of success with it.
When I come back to Copenhagen we should get together and play some.


Craig Klain


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