Steen Johansen (Odense Blues Circle)
Thursday, August 7, 2001

On Langelandsfestival 2000 there was also a surprise one afternoon at "Plejehjemmet": Dan Klarskov and his band.
They started in a half empty tent.
Their Jazz-inspired blues made more and more people listen
and half into the concert the tent was filled up.
When Dan Klarskov and his band began to play the old classics, everybody was in the mood as I never have seen before.
Dan played an old BB King classic and gave a solo jumping
around upon the tables in the tent and had the whole audience
in his hand.
At the end of the concert and as we left the tent a person in front of me said to his wife:"This is the best I have ever seen."
I will say that it was some of the best I have ever seen.
Never has a Danish blues band played in front of such a thrilled audience.

Live video from Langelandsfestival 2000
Palle Bruun Olsen (Kalundborg City Concert Committee)
Wednesday, October 13, 1999.

Dear Dan

Thanks for a beautiful and energetic performance in Kalundborg on 8th October, 1999. Before the concert, only a small group
of people in Kalundborg were familiar with Dan Klarskov and the Honeydrippers. Now we are at least 150 who will treasure the memory of you and your music. Without a doubt, this is the greatest success in our time as a venue for rhythmic music.
We are also pleased that you were able to sell so many of your CDs. Was it 20 or so? That surely puts you in the Kalundborg top 5 this week. That you were able to charm your way into
a lot of young girls hearts only emphasizes your success. After the concert, one of the guests wrote me these words: "This is one hell of a band. It was a swinging and absolutely thrilling blues concert. Thanks for this experience." I hope to see you some other time, Dan.
Peter Greve (Jonstrup Jazz Festival)
Thursday, August 19, 1999.

Dear Dan and the band!

All the best to you and the guys from us at Jonstrup Jazz Festival. Thank you very much for your performance this Saturday. Primitive conditions and a hard rain did their best to hinder your performance. Nevertheless, you continued performing beautifully and with a sense of humor. One half of Peter Lapikis keyboard was covered in plastic throughout the concert. Thomas Christensen, drums, used every break in between songs to stand and remove the puddles of water from the roof of the tent, etc. Everything was wet! While your performance lasted, hardly anyone left sight of the stage, and during your last set, half of us stood surrounding the stage in the pouring rain clapping our hands and stamping the beat in the puddles on the ground. Your excellent music was performed with honesty and integrity. It was a great experience to those of us who had ventured out in spite of the weather gods wrath. We hope we will be able to meet you again under more civilized conditions. Until then, stay well.

Jonstrup Jazz Festivat on web 
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