Blues er en følelse
Foredrag og koncert tilbud


“Yes, blues is a feeling-Just like you got to feel it to play it.
You got to feel, you know, and it`s a true story….Like, you singing
and playing the blues. It`s something that you have to feel.”
Willie Johnson. Chicago, 1984 photo by James Fraher.

"The blues ain`t nothing but a good man feeling bad."
John Lee Hooker.

"The blues is suposed to make you feel good."
BB King.

“The black heritage is blues, man…and that`s where I go it from.
A lot of people passed it down to Muddy Waters and Muddy Waters
passed it on to me.”
Buddy Guy. Chicago,1993 photo by James Fraher.

Mine 3 personlige favoritter blandt guitarister er:
Lonnie Johnson, T-Bone Walker og B.B.King.

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