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I first set eyes on the world in 1969.
In 1980 I began playing the guitar, and
with the leading Copenhagen blues club, Rådhuskroen (now called Mojo), as my
second home I have been following
the Danish blues scene since late 1985.

The Danish Lexicon of Rock Music

For the past 15 years I have been playing with inter alia Troels Jensen,
Hans Knudsen, Diz Watson (UK), Earl Thomas (US), Anders Gaardmand,
Kjeld Lauritsen, Erling Kroner, Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen, Bob Rockwell, Jens Hack, Hugo Rasmussen, Peter Lapiki, Peter Wittorff, Trond Clementsen, Hans Mydtskov, Morten Ankarfeldt, Bo Gryholt, Peter Nande, Danny Linde Hansen, L.P. Simonsen and Svend Zetterberg (S).

Festival performance at inter alia Langelands festival, Skanderborg Festival, Vig Festival, Odense Blues Festival, Copenhagen Blues Festival, Horsens Blues Festival, Rønneby Jazz og blues festival, Aarhus Jazz Festival, Riverboat Jazz Festival, Havnsø Jazz Paradis, Jonstrup Jazz Festival, Fredericia Juli Jazz, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Livø Jazz Festival, Roskilde Kulturnat & Torslunde Festival....

Being a machine engineer by trade I have been concentrating full-time
on the music since early 1993.

Apart from my playing professionally this has also meant working 10 years as a technician and DJ at Denmark's leading blues radio station,
Christianshavn's radio, Radio Bluestime.

Troels Jensen, Kenn Lending and Hans Knudsen encouraged me
to start my own band, and in 1995 Dan Klarskov & The Honeydrippers
saw the light.

This, my solo project, has resulted in the recording of
Dan Klarskov & The Honeydrippers
(Studio rec.1998),
The Blues is a Feeling
(Studio rec.2001)
and Blues at Dexter. (live cd & dvd combo, 2006.)

More info about me at press reviews

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