Cadance Magazine
June 2007.

By Larry Hollis

It may be a long distance geographically from Chicago to Denmark, but judging from Dan Klarskov, it`s not that far musically. Unlike his two previous issues, the two-disc packet contains a compact disc and a DVD of Dan Klarskov`s engagement at the Jazzhus Dexter early last year.

Wielding a vintage Fender Stratocaster, he leads the octet through two numbers with only two being his own. Like Stroger (Chicago blues artist: Bob Stroger), he is not all that great shakes as a singer, his main strength being his fluid guitar work which is cleanly and forcefully.

There seems to be an affinity for T-Bone Walker, not only the leader`s mindset, but in the in the entire program which is more dominated by the Kansas City and the South Western Strain strain of Jump Blues than Bob Stroger`s Chicago sounds. The backing band is particularly sharp with lots of good solo spots from tenorman Gaardmand, both keyboardists and slideman Kroner.

As for the second disc, be forewarned: since it is from Europe, it is in the PAL format so it probably won`t play on most domestic players. It is well worth viewing if one can convert it over. The first part contains material from the Dexter that is on the CD, except for the mournful “Blues Man” (By Danish Musician Troels Jensen and which clocks in at over eight minutes) along with four and one -half minutes of backstage banter. There are brief Black and White clips from the studio recording session of “Cancer Blues” and “Undecided Blues.” Next are two selections performed at an earlier festival with a sextet. The Joe Turner title “Wee Wee Baby” is repeated and coupled with B.B. Kings “All Over Again” with satisfying results. Klarskov seems less stiff on these segments than on the main Dexter`s portion. A photograph gallery follows with several color stills and no music.

A handsome produced package that proves we Americans aren`t the only ones to get the blues.

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