Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society
June 2007

By Rooster

Klarskov hails from Denmark, yet the only thing that may give this away is that his English is too well pronounced!!
Klarskov plays in the T-Bone style and does it well, producing a wonderful tone.
His big band of rhythm section, two sax’s, trombone, organ and piano head the music in a more jazz flavoured style. T-Bone’s “Strolling with bone,” “Jealous Woman” and “T-Bone Shuffle” get a work out as does Big Joe Turner’s “Wee wee baby” and Sonny and Brownie’s “Whoo wee”.
The latter song being taken from stripped down country blues duo and beefed up by the 8 piece outfit. An original “The blues is a feeling” is reminiscent of BB King.

This CD also contains a DVD with various footage and bonus tracks. It has very slick packaging, a little overdone with interviews and many photo’s in the sleeve, not sure of the cost in the store? Although the addition of Klarskov’s New Orleans Gumbo recipe is well worth it!!

Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society

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